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The Swoosh

The most noticeable aspect of the new logo is the swoosh that sweeps across the letters and outwards. There are three “lines” of the swoosh, each one representing something distinct: Father, Son (in red) and Holy Spirit. Note that while they are different, they form one object. The object itself can also be viewed as three different things: water (cleansing), blood (Christ’s sacrifice), the pages of a book (the  Bible) and cloth (service).

“Through the study of the Word we find in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that we are cleansed through water, atoned through Christ’s sacrifice, and called to service as Jesus’s called us through washing his follower’s feet.”

The Letters

The actual letters represent more than just the name of our group. The first thing you may notice is that the letters are lowercased as to represent a submissiveness to the “swoosh,” but the same swoosh intertwines the letters representing the significance of our call to follow Christ in every aspect of the ministry. The deep, rich and bold color represents our impact in the world that we provide through our faith.

“Throughout the ministry we strive to immerse ourselves in God’s word, submitting ourselves to His greater will and providing a bold statement of faith in an lost world.”

The Goal

We believe that a logo must not only represent and symbolize, but also state a goal. Our goal is spoken through the layout of the logo. The sharing of our faith must start with us (the letters to the left, where the swoosh begins), but must be controlled by the Lord (the swoosh extends beyond our human will and control and into eternity).

“It is our goal to share what we believe with the world so that the He may continue to work out His will amongst those that follow Him into eternity.”