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703-631- 2100 Sunday Service 9–10am, Class 10:30–11:30am


We have scheduled a Bible Class Kickoff Meeting for Sunday, December 2 for individuals interested in teaching. We will meet following Bible class to have lunch and prepare ourselves for the important role of teaching God’s word. The purpose of this meeting is to learn, grow, connect, and ready ourselves for teaching in 2019. This is a very important meeting that we ask you to set aside time for. During this meeting, we will discuss the following:
  1. Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers
  2. Provide thematic guidance for our topics and book studies in our 6-year Scope-and-Sequence
  3. Provide a “heads-up” on potentially difficult and/or sensitive topics of study
  4. Provide a time for all teachers to coordinate with each other concerning the upcoming semester
  5. Allow our elders a time to come and pray over all our upcoming teachers
As you may remember, we use a team-teaching concept. So, we ask you to pray over and consider pulling together a team of 2-4. Our team concept is based in Scripture as Jesus not only taught with His disciples, but then sent them out in teams. This allows for several things:
  1. Helping raise up new teachers that are intimidated doing it alone
  2. Hearing more than one voice on a particular topic
  3. Not putting too much on one person and having the freedom to participate as well as teach
  4. Provide coverage when schedules change

Please plan to come and be a part of this time of growth and motivation if you plan to teach Adult Bible classes.

THANK YOU for all you are doing for the kingdom!

Download the Bible Class Teacher/Facilitator Expectations

Class Outlines

THE PROPHETABLE LIFE: Major Lessons from the Minor Prophets (Spring 2016)


Through these studies, we will learn about the “Prophetable” Life. It is not one that many choose to take. However, it is one that God calls us to. You see, a prophet is one who speaks forth the Word of God. While only a few were called prophets through Scripture, all speak forth God’s Word today. This puts us all into very difficult circumstances. The message from God that we often bring is one that is not favorable and is contrary to the world. Yet, it is one we must share. The Minor Prophets take us into a world much like our own. A world in which people trust in material wealth and strength and forget about God. A world full of lying, killing, stealing, and committing adultery. A world where oppression and injustice are rampant. A world in which people seek out those who speak pleasant messages that assure them that their deeds are acceptable and satisfactory. A world where people choose to make amends by sacrifice and religious checklists rather than by doing what is right in the sight of God. The Minor Prophets remind us that God is the final Word and He is calling us to be faithful to Him.

Lessons are in the order of the course outline:

  2. HOSEA – PART 1
  3. HOSEA – PART 2
  4. JOEL
  5. AMOS
  7. JONAH
  8. MICAH
  11. HAGGAI

FOUNDATIONS: Learning the Basic Truths of the Christian Faith


This class focuses on the foundational truths of the Christian faith. The series is titled “Foundations.” A foundation is what a building rests on and keeps it from collapsing. The foundation must be strong and resolute so that even if a portion of the building were destroyed, the foundation would stand and could be build upon again. These foundational truths are the core of what we believe as Christians and flow through everything we do. They are at the root of our evangelistic conversations and are the building blocks of the Christian faith itself. Often we take them for granted and we assume all of us understand them and agree on them. However, in today’s age it is paramount that we regroup around these tenets of faith and join together to share the message of love contained within them.

Lessons are in the order of the course outline:

  1. Introduction to Foundations
  2. ONE GOD, THREE PARTS: God the Father
  3. ONE GOD, THREE PARTS: God the Son (Part 1)
  4. ONE GOD, THREE PARTS: God the Son (Part 2)
  5. ONE GOD, THREE PARTS: God the Spirit (Part 1)
  6. ONE GOD, THREE PARTS: God the Spirit (Part 2)
  8. SIN
  9. GRACE
  10. FAITH
  13. FAMILY
  14. Supplemental Lesson 1 (God’s Story of Redemption)
  15. Supplemental Lesson 2 (The Bible)
  16. Supplemental Lesson 3 (How Can Christianity Help Me Through Life?)

In the Beginning was...the Word (Spring 2015)

In the Beginning was the WORD

This semester all Bible classes are working through a curriculum: In the Beginning Was the WORD: A Study Through the Gospel of John. “…but these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.” (John 20:31) The Gospel of John was written so that those who read its message may believe that Jesus is the promised Messiah, the Son of God, THE CHRIST. Below are links to current and past files to the lessons and new lessons are being added weekly.

Lessons are in the order of the outline/calendar Sundays:

Hebrews (Spring 2014)

This semester all teen through adult Bible classes are working through a curriculum in Hebrews: Jesus is GREATER THAN…So Stand Firm. Below are links to current and past files to the lessons and new lessons are being added weekly. Enjoy and grow in your knowledge and faith.

Lessons are in reverse order, with the most recent at the top.

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