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Worship Through Music

A cappella  music is the style of choice for our worship gatherings.  We have a beautiful and long-cherished tradition as a church of Christ of singing in choral four-part harmony (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) as a church.  Each week, we seek to enhance our congregational singing through the use of praise teams. Our praise team singers are usually mic’d to bring out the fullness of each voice part and are usually comprised of 8-10 individuals who serve by leading our worship on Sunday mornings.  Our rehearsals for the following Sunday are on the Wednesday night preceding.  We also utilize both Childrens’ and Adult Choruses on special occasions (Easter, Christmas, etc.) — if you like to sing without the pressure of being mic’d, then this is the place for you!

As deep-rooted as this tradition is, however, we are convicted that before God hears any notes or music that come from our mouths, He hears our hearts.  Members of our worship teams seek to honor God in theirprivate lives, as well as in their public ones.  So each week, we seek to present our hearts as beautiful sacrifices unto Him; thus, music is a means of worship — not the end.  So please don’t be intimidated or feel like you cannot participate because you may not know the right parts or music, because it’s not about hitting notes!  It’s about the heart of the worshiper.

If you are interested in this ministry email our worship ministry for more information!