703-631-2100  church.office@fxcc.orgSunday Worship @ 9am; Class @ 10:30am

Interested in placing membership and making the Fairfax Church of Christ your church home? Wonderful! Just mark that you would like to be a member on your Guest card (found in the backs of the church pews or at the information kiosk in the church lobby), or tell one of our ministers, elders, or other church leaders!

When you place membership, this will put you on our church “roster” and make sure that you do not miss any announcements or opportunities to grow spiritually and serve and you now come under the care of our Elders.

We also have a three week class that you can take prior, during, or shortly after placing membership. This class provides an opportunity to learn about the vision and mission of the Fairfax Church of Christ, become familiar with some of the leadership here, meet new people, and answer any questions.

The orientation class is usually led by one of our shepherds (currently Ray Bingham – rbingham@fxcc.org) and co-led by our Family Life, Lisa Bosley (lbosley@fxcc.org). During this time, you will be able to share with them any needs that you have and have them pray for you.

Also introduced during this time are two self-discovery tools, a Spiritual gifts Inventory, and a Strengths Finder survey, which can help a person discover all of the wonder ways God has gifted them and how they might use these Strengths and Spiritual gifts in their family, world/workplace/neighborhood, and the church.