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Growth groups are one of the greatest ministry tools we have for building relationships, growing spiritually, and discipling others. FXCC leadership is in the process of renewing our commitment to establishing, building, and supporting growth groups. Be on the look-out for kick-off dates, trainings, and exciting ways to connect and grow!


Fairfax Church of Christ is committed to providing multiple opportunities for our people to connect and grow in their relationship with Christ and with others. For some time we have had groups that have met with this purpose. We simply called these groups “small groups” and with that most anything we did at FXCC could be deemed a small group. Essentially, we could have a group of our members meeting to discuss underwater basket weaving and if they declared themselves a small group, they were. However, after much prayer and discussion, the leadership decided that we needed to match our vision as a church to what we are doing in our “small groups”.

So, we asked ourselves, “What is the purpose of our groups?” The answer came very easily:

  • We want to see GROWTH in our groups…
    • GROWTH in Individual Spiritual Maturity
    • GROWTH in Relationships and Connections with the Body/Family at FXCC
    • GROWTH in bringing others to Christ and into the Body/Family at FXCC

With that determination, we decided to make a name change the matched our vision. Hence, our groups are now called “GROWTH GROUPS.” With this name change we seek to ensure that the groups that we recognize as “GROWTH GROUPS” are making every effort to foster the growth outlined above.


Our purpose for GROWTH GROUPS is to grow with God in spiritual maturity by committing ourselves to Him through prayer and service while building discipling relationships within our community.

What is a Growth Group?

It’s pretty simple. A GROWTH GROUP is a small group of people (usually no more than fifteen to twenty adults) who gather in homes throughout the metro area. Some meet on Sundays and others meet throughout the week. Some groups meet in the evening while others meet earlier in the day. Some share a meal together and others do not. Some have children present all or part of the time and others have no children. Our GROWTH GROUPS offer fellowship, prayer, study in God’s Word, service projects, outreach opportunities, and mutual support and encouragement in our faith journeys. No matter the design of our GROWTH GROUPS they provide opportunities for each participant to GROW.

How do I join a Growth Group?

Want to find out who is in a GROWTH GROUP and what they are doing? Want to visit with them and see if the group would be a good fit? Contact our Family Life Minister Lisa Bosley ( We will do everything we can to help you find a GROWTH GROUP that is right for you.

Can I start a Growth Group?

Absolutely! In fact, we are always looking for new GROWTH GROUPS to come together and we typically have people waiting to get into one. GROWTH GROUPS can and do form at many times during the year and for different reasons. You may begin a new GROWTH GROUP at any time, and we’ll be glad to help you do that. Contact Lisa Bosley ( if you would like to discuss how you can begin a new GROWTH GROUP. Periodic trainings will be held for facilitators on specific concepts about growth groups.  These sessions will be topic specific and you are encouraged to attend any sessions that are of interest or needed.  We will also have some trainings that you can watch from your home on line.  You will have folks available for helping you to build a strong group and being prepared for issues that may arise.

What if we need to "birth" a new group because ours is too big and we can't fit in one place anymore?

The idea here is to develop and grow your group so that the size gets to a point where you can divide into 2 groups from the existing group if you wish.  The recommendation would be to implement this change at the 12-18 month when new groups are ready to begin.

What about children in a Growth Group?

Each group approaches children a bit differently. However, it is our goal to include our children in our GROWTH GROUPS for their own growth and encouragement. We have many resources to help you in this area and our Family Ministers to Children (Erin Gulick – and Teens (Sammie Young – are here to help in anyway. Please call the church office for further assistance at 703-631-2100.

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