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God is holy! But, what does that mean? Well, God is not of this world. He is sacred, separated, set apart. In Leviticus 19:2, God speaks to the Israelites and says, “You shall be
holy, for I the Lord your God am holy.” So, our holy (set apart) God calls His children to be holy. He calls us to be separate, set apart from the ways of the world, and more
importantly, the ways of humankind. Holiness is something that God Himself grants us as Christians (1 Cor. 1:30; 2 Thess. 2:13), but it is also something that we should strive for
(1 Cor. 7:34; 1 Thess. 4:1-8; Rom. 6:19) and understand that God will ultimately complete (1 Thess. 3:13).

In 2 Corinthians 6:16-18, Paul reminds us that we (the children of God) are God’s living temple. As this holy God comes to dwell with and in us (John 14:23), He calls us to
separate ourselves (complete holiness) from that which makes us unclean and separates us from God. If we do this, God promises to give us the privilege to be His sons and
daughters. Because of this great promise, Paul calls all believers to cleanse themselves from everything that defiles both the inside (spirit) and the out (body). In doing this, we are doing our part to bring holiness to completion. We do this in fear (reverent obedience, the only way of Godly wisdom [Ps. 2:11; Pro. 1:7, 29; 8:13, etc.]) of our holy God knowing that in doing so, we honor and glorify Him (2 Cor. 4:13-18).

Our keynote speakers (Josh Ross & David Fraze) will focus on helping the lectureship participants consider the following…

  • Holiness in the Fear of God (Friday evening) (Josh Ross)
  • Bringing Holiness to Completion in Spirit (Saturday morning) (David Fraze)
  • Bringing Holiness to Completion in Body (Saturday afternoon) (Josh Ross)
  • Being Holy in an Unholy World (David Fraze)