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FOLLOW ME! Two words that changed the course of 12 unlikely individuals in the first century. Two words that should also change the course of our lives today. But do they? Do we follow Him in the way that the early disciples chose to follow Him? Do we drop everything (without reservation) to follow Him as our Lord and Savior? Or do we follow Him in name alone? Are we satisfied with wearing the name “Christian” without being transformed by the Holy Spirit into His image? Are we satisfied with being a “Christian” who receives the salvation that Jesus gives without becoming the person who Jesus calls us to be?

Many people in the world today claim to believe or follow Jesus. However, “believing in” or “following Jesus” is not always the same thing as being a disciple of Jesus. In fact, following Jesus by today’s terms can be equated with following someone on Twitter. Just because you follow someone, doesn’t mean you are trying to become like him or her. We believe that in order to truly be a disciple of Christ, we must be intentional with the “how.”

Throughout this section of our website is our coordinated and prayerfully, Spirit-led effort toward developing the Plan for Discipleship and Spiritual Formation at Fairfax Church of Christ to ensure that church efforts (through various ministries) contribute in some way to our mission for discipleship: making devoted followers of Jesus Christ who passionately lead others to Him