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15 in 15 Ideas

CONNECTING TO GOD / 15 in 15 Discipleship Ideas

  • Co-Lead Growth Groups (Small Group)
  • Attend a Growth Group (Small Group)
  • FXCC Retreat (Church wide weekend)
  • Teach/Help with a Children, Teen, or Adult class
  • Monthly volunteers to organize and maintain the Resource Room
  • Quarterly volunteer to organize and clean out children’s classrooms
  • Volunteer to serve in the Nursery on Sunday mornings
  • Volunteer to serve on Nursery clean up day
  • Volunteer to be a “Guardian Angel” during Worship or Bible class
  • Chaperone Student Ministry trips and events
  • Clean the Student Ministry van
  • Participate in Women’s Ministry events
  • Participate in Men’s Ministry Events
  • Participate in the Magi Trip to the DR in November
  • Begin a weekly devotional with your family
  • Invite a neighbor, coworker, friend to worship service
  • Read the Bible everyday (Pick up a Not On Bread Alone Menu)
  • Schedule daily personal prayer time
  • Make Sunday Worship a priority
  • Read a book on Spiritual growth
  • Learn more about the ministry Celebrate Recovery

CONNECTING TO CHRISTIANS / 15 in 15 Family Life Ideas

  • Participate in building and grounds clean up days (fall and spring)
  • Assist in improvement projects around the building
  • Volunteer in the Church Office
  • Organize and clean out the House
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Assist on the Wedding Events
  • Volunteer to assist in set up and take down for Church events
  • Assist in projects around Camp WAMAVA
  • Serve on the Audio/Visual Team for worship and events
  • Serve on a Meal Ministry Team
  • Serve on a Shower Team
  • Serve on First Impression Team (Greet and Usher)
  • Volunteer to do Weekly Communion Prep or Clean Up
  • Volunteer to help with Family Celebrations Sundays (May and November)
  • Pray regularly for our church family
  • Pray regularly for the Elders and Staff
  • Adopt a Family in Need for the Holidays
  • Commit to make 2 Magi Boxes in September
  • Join American Heritage Girls (for girls Kindergarten-High School)
  • Learn American Sign Language
  • *Volunteer making parachutes for Voice of the Martyrs
  • *Sponsor a family with Benevolence needs
  • *Sponsor a child to attend Camp WAMAVA
  • *Help with the church food pantry
  • *Volunteer with WFCM Food Pantry
  • *Volunteer with FACETS-Prevent and End Homelessness in Fx County
  • homework help
  • drive people to appointments
  • lead an exercise group
  • *Volunteer with Centreville Labor Resource Center


CONNECTING TO COMMUNITY / 15 in 15 Outreach Ideas

Outreach Ideas for Individuals/Groups of 3-4
Be part of a “BELLS” (mutual) mentoring group (3-4 people who get together each week to encourage one another in these way of Jesus practices)

  • Bless x3 – Bless three people each week–1 Christian, 1 seeker, 1 either
  • Eat Together x3 – Share meals three times/week – 1 Christian, 1 seeker, 1 either
  • Listen/Pray x1-2 – Pray intentionally for God to help you reach 1-2 for Christ
  • Learn x1 – Study Scripture, the Gospels, or some book/video about Jesus/outreach
  • Share/Invite x1-2- Come back together each week and share your “BELLS” in your group of 3-4 people; seek to invite those you are praying for/blessing to worship, serve together, community or church event (some next step)

Want help setting this group up or joining one of these groups? Email James Nored at jnored@fxcc.org.

Outreach Ideas for Family/Neighborhood

  • Intentionally build relationships with neighbors/invite them to dinner
  • Throw neighborhood parties (Super Bowl, holiday, 4th of July, etc.) and invite both neighbors and church members
  • Have the whole family adopt a child from the Dominican Republic (or elsewhere)
  • Intentionally join a community group (cycling group, book club, etc.) with another Christian to get to know people from the community
  • Adopt a child in need from the Dominican Republic or elsewhere and have your kids earn money to give towards supporting this child each month

Outreach Ideas for Community

  • Serve in Fall or Spring Giveaway
  • Serve at the “Least of These” (homeless ministry)
  • Serve in Backpack Food for Kids
  • Get trained and/or participate in ESL/FriendSpeak
  • Get trained and/or participate in seeker Bible studies/Story of Redemption study
  • Put together a seeker Bible study
  • Adopt a family in need during the holidays
  • Send care package/letter to a missionary
  • Go on a short term mission trip to the Dominican Republic or other destination
  • Pray regularly for outreach ministries