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703-631- 2100 Sunday Service 9–10am, Class 10:30–11:30am
We strongly believe that God continues to direct His church in a very unique and powerful way. Scripture teaches us that prayer and fasting are two of the primary means God uses to guide His people. We also firmly believe that God shares His will and purpose for our lives and His church as His Spirit speaks to us through the Bible. While there is no biblical mandate for forty days and nights, there is biblical significance to spending an intentional and concerted time with God to seek His will and guidance through prayer and fasting.

We often spend so much time talking and sharing our own thoughts that we neglect stopping for a time to listen to our Father’s voice. We can be so busy talking to each other that we lose sight of the Father and begin to forge our own trail which may lead to getting stuck or getting lost. Over the next forty days we ask you to join us in a time of listening to and relying upon the Father. To hear His voice and seek clarity of vision for the journey He has already mapped out for us. Will you join us as we seek a word from God and prepare to walk “In Our Father’s Steps”?

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